Ciara - "A session at The Stables is fun, challenging, creative, varied and personal"

Three years ago I naively thought a plank was a piece of wood & a burpee came from my twins after their feed! But having four kids in four years took its toll on my body & self-esteem.

I’m certainly not what you would call a ‘gym bunny’, but the Team @ The Stables took me under their wings & I soon found myself looking forward to exercising twice-weekly with my one-to-one trainer. . I look forward to seeing the friendly face at the door in the mornings, not knowing what challenge lies ahead today – boxing, TRX, circuits, outdoor hikes – but knowing that I’ll be pushed to get the best out of my session & leave feeling energised, motivated & laughing from the banter!

A session @ The Stables is fun, challenging, creative, varied and personal. I never thought I’d say it, but I look forward to exercising, have no intentions of stopping and without doubt that’s all thanks particularly to Anna and Ger. Their passion for exercise is infectious – and I no longer have to ask “does my bum look big in this!