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We are opening our Steeplechase 5km Obstacle Course to everyone on Saturday 22nd June 2019.   We welcome runners and joggers of all levels to come and complete our course either as:

  • a) an individual (€30);  
  • b) as a team of 4 (€100); or
  • c) as an individual running the 5km route with no obstacles (€20) 

Our 5km course is a fun and exciting route with 14 obstacles to negotiate along the way. These include our signature burma bridge, high walls, net climbs, monkey bars and finishing ramp to name a few!  

Please note, if you wish to compete for a place on the podium in the 5km Individual Route with Obstacles, you must register in Wave 1 at 10am. 

If you would prefer to complete the course with some friends, we have the option of running as a team of 4. Please note that all teams will start in Wave 2 at 10.15am 

For those who prefer just to run, we invite you to come along and enjoy our trail run without having to complete any of the obstacles, and you will be in Wave 2 at 10.15am. 

T-shirts are guaranteed for all those who register by 31st May 2019.  

Location - Coolnastud Gorey

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053 9430714
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Mon - Fri 07:00 - 21:00
By appointment only

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