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Sports Team Events

Option A: “Stamina” (€22/head) Available all year round (From U15s and above)

Team Challenges based in Gyms, or on the Astro. We recommend that you split your squad into two equal teams in terms of physical ability and they will then go head to head against each other through a series of Challenges.  

Examples of these challenges include:

5 minute Erg Challenge, "The Burden”, Sled/ Tank Race, Hyrox/DEKA Style Race, Barbell Press Challeng, Peg Board Moves Challen, Tug of War, Tractor Pull, Climbing Wall Buzzer Challenge, Prowler and Tyre Relays

Option B: “Endurance” (€22/head) Available from 1st March to 31st October: (From U13s and above)

Obstacle Course Challenge - 5km Obstacle Course on undulating terrain, with over 40 obstacles including: Walls (2ft-8ft), Tunnel Crawls, Net Climbs, Ramps, Balance Beams, Tyre Climbs, Inverted Walls, Rope Crossings, Rope Swings, Rope Walks, Rope Climbs, Monkey Bars, Sand Bags, Hoister, etc. Several of the obstacles involve water! 

Again, we recommend that you split the squad into two/three even groups and, after a warm up on the Astro, they will head off together around the course and the two teams will compete against each other at various sections of the Obstacle Course. The aim will be to see which team can win the most Obstacle Challenges over the Course.

Option C: “Fortitude”(€30/head) Available from 1st March to 31st October: (U18s and Adult Teams)

If you are after a longer experience, we can tailor that specifically to your group and are happy to work through this with you. For example, with Adult Teams we tend to combine “Stamina” and “Endurance and this is always a very popular Event. 

Pricing, Timings & What’s Included

We allow approximately 1.5 hours for Stamina" & “Endurance" and the price is €22/head with a minimum charge of €220. 

“Fortitude” takes approximately 2 hours to complete and the price is €30/head, with a minimum charge of €300. 

We require a €50 booking deposit on confirmation of booking and we have minimum cancellation Policy of 1 weeks notice. 

These prices and packages include the use of our changing facilities and showers, as well as The Oats Barn, which is a lovely stone building, where you can have a bite to eat or have a team meeting after the event. Here, we have tables laid out in an authentic and relaxed setting, and you are very welcome to organise for food to be delivered to The Stables. We can give you recommendations on this, if required. 

To book your Team Event please call 053 9430714 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.