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Our group training is not ‘get-down-and-give-me-twenty’ military style. Instead, we offer an environment where you can join a fun, friendly fitness programme designed to progressively challenge yourself.

We welcome people of all fitness levels and ages and group sizes are limited to 10 to ensure you are given our full attention.

Our group training will generally include elements of circuit training and ‘Cross-fit’ style workouts, Strength Training and Core and Flexibility work.

We train in our all-weather inside/outside studios and are often outside training on our astroturf or around our 8km of obstacle course in order to feel the physical and mental benefits of exercising outdoors. 

New 8 week courses start Monday 25th Fenruary. No training on Monday 18th March (Bank Holiday)

Session Week Starting Individual Price Register
Bootcamp Mon & Wed 8pm 25-02-2019 €190.00
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Group Training & Bootcamps

Group fitness

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