Stables Fitness Classes

A Stables Fitness Class is not your ordinary gym class! Variety is key to the workouts we deliver and we are a gym like no other.  We have a holisitc approcah to training here and incorporate both strength and cardio workouts into our classes. 

With a focus on training outside and experiencing the benefits of exercising in fresh air, we train either on our astro or in our open-sided barns.  Once you have done a class here at The Stables, we are pretty confident you won't go running back into an inside gym! 

MONDAYS - 7am, 9am, 7pm & 8pm

TUESDAYS - 7pm & 8pm

WEDNESDAYS - 7am, 9.15am, 7pm & 8pm

THURSDAYS - 7pm & 8pm

FRIDAYS - 7am & 9am

New Events / Classes Coming Soon!

Location - Coolnastud Gorey

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053 9430714
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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri 07:00 - 21:00
By appointment only

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