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The Stables is an Official Hyrox Affiliate Gym 


Hyrox is a competitive, indoor fitness event which bills itself as "The World Series of Fitness". 

A Hyrox competition is made up of a 1km run, followed by 1 functional workout, repeated 8 times (meaning 8km run in total, plus 8 functional workouts). It requires strength, speed, power and endurance and in many ways, is a fantastic test of fitness. There are a variety of catergorisations which makes it an event suitable for a range of physical abilties. 

Hyrox events take place all over the world and are all in the same format. Hyrox is coming to Dublin for the first time on Saturday 28th October 2023.

The Stables became the South East's first Official Partner Gyms in January 2023 and will be hosting several training events throughout the year. With the Astroturf, Barns and very accessible runnning routes, The Stables is an ideal venue for Hyrox Simulation Events. 

New Events / Classes Coming Soon!