The Stables

At The Stables we strive to provide a varied fitness programme combining indoor and outdoor fitness training, fitness as well as Pilates and Yoga.

At our unique setting, we have four different indoor training areas, as well as outdoor training with opportunity for trail and hill running.

When weather permits we very much like to focus on outdoor training with a dedicated all-weather area specifically for this. Exercising outside has been proven to have significant mental health benefits.

If you need motivation to get fit, lose weight, improve your energy & wellbeing, then we can help. We are not interested in short term fad diets and repetitive training regimes. We want to show you how frequent varied exercise and a nutritious healthy approach to your food can be sustained so it becomes just a part of your normal everyday life.  

The Stables Coolnastud Gorey
The Stables Coolnastud Gorey
The Stables Coolnastud Gorey
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Location - Coolnastud Gorey

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